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Sébastien Brusset - Visual artist & Designer

SBrusset Artist & Designer was founded by Sébastien Brusset, international designer, specialized in eyewear. After creating the collective design studio “Just Add Water” and the eyewear brand “JAM Vision”, he needed to imagine something closer to his soul, without any limits. Illustration of what he perceives of the essence and meaning of life. What he calls “Life Expansion”

My name is Sébastien Brusset...

After two decades spent as a recognized international eyewear designer, in 2023 I needed to add to my creative expression the development of my artistic practice. I use my passion and my knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to produce pieces of art and visual stories.

Specializing in a wide range of media, from 3D printing to digital art, my work is inspired by all the potentials and choices we make, which define human behavior.

My intentionally diverse artistic production ranges from sculptures to the abstract, from the surreal to the metaphorical, from the playful and spontaneous to the calculated and planned.

Driven by curiosity and an open attitude towards life and its possibilities, I continue to discover and explore different mediums while developing my artistic practice.

Contact me

+33 (0)6 80 31 52 45

Merci pour votre envoi.

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