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Life Expansion

Multiple media, serving the same narrative, the “Life Expansion” project

Illustrations of all the potentials of life... in one breath

Imagine, in a breath of the universe, a starting point, a destination and multiple paths to get there. All the choices we make, the crossroads we take, will define who we are... and what we will become.


A breath, a cycle, a human being...

This is what Sébastien Brusset illustrates with his works in the “Life Expansion” series.


Based on 3D printing, in several types of resin, hand painted, metallic, on a stele or on a stand, and from head size 1/1 to large format. Each sculpture is unique and serves the story with heads shaped by the multiple paths that life offers us.


Unique compositions based on post-processed rendering to illustrate the breath of life in each of us. Single edition per format.

An NFT certificate is issued with each sculpture to expand the exhibition of the works within the metaverse

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